October 9, 2020

The City and County of Denver today launched a new web portal for retail food establishments to submit violations of the city’s new ordinance regarding third-party food delivery platforms. This initiative was developed in collaboration with the Mayor’s Economic Relief and Recovery Council, an advisory group established to support the relief and recovery efforts of Denver’s economy and was spearheaded by Denver City Councilwoman Kendra Black. Denver worked with both restaurants, and third-party food delivery platforms to establish the new regulations and transparency requirements.

Beginning Oct. 9, 2020, through Feb. 9, 2021, in the City and County of Denver, retail food establishments may submit a complaint via an online portal on the Department of Finance Treasury Division website for any violation of the six areas defined in the ordinance:

  1. Retail Food Establishment Consent — Third-party food delivery platforms cannot list a retail food establishment’s information on their platform without written consent.
  2. Delivery Charges — Third-party food delivery platforms cannot assess retail food establishments commission fees of more than 15% of the total purchase price or menu price of an online order, excluding gratuities, taxes, and other fees.
  3. Delivery Wage Garnishment — Third-party food delivery platforms cannot garnish tips or lower the wages of a delivery person to compensate for any diminished revenues that result from the establishment of this Ordinance.
  4. Additional Fees — Third-party food delivery platforms cannot charge additional fees that retail food establishments have